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A "
Gil Anthony Brother to da Blues " Production!
  1. Brandon Santini..Live & Extended..Vizztone
  2. Jeff Jensen..Morose  Elephant..
  3. Harrison Kennedy..This Is From Here..Electro-Fi
  4. Tas Cru..You Keep the Money..Crustee Tees Rec
  5. Shaun Murphy..Loretta..Vision Wall
  6. Ghost Town Blues Band..Hard Road to Hoe..GTBB
  7. Ben Rice/Lucy Hammond..Destination Clarksdale
  8. Greg Nagy..Stranded..Big O Rec
  9. Toots Lorraine..Make it Easy..Greaseland rec
  10. Breezy Rodio..So Close To It..Wind Chill
  11. Tad Robinson..Day Into Night..Severn
  12. Barbara Blue..Sweet, Strong,and Tight..Big Blue Records
  13. Duffy Bishop..Find Your Way Home..Lil' Spinner Rec
  14. Anthony Gomes..Electric Field Holler..Up 2 Zero
  15. Joe Bonamassa..Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks..J&R Adventures
  16. Slam Allen..Feel These Blues...Amercian Showplace Music
  17. Cash Box Kings..Holding Court..Blind Pig
  18. Delta Moon..Low Down..Jumping Jack
  19. Voo Davis..Midnight Mist..Butter & Bacon
  20. Hans Theessink/Terry Evans..Ture & BlueBlue Groove
  21. Blackburn..Brothers in This World..Electro-Fi
  22. James Harman..Bonetime..Electro-Fi
  23. Ian Siegal..Picnic Sessions..Nugene
  24. Deb Ryder..Let it Rain..Bejeb Music
  25. Steve Arvey/Bill Buchman..Art of Blues..Arto of Blues
  26. Hank Mowery..Excues Plenty..Blue Bella
  27. Peter Novelli..St. Amant Sessions..Chalet Music
  28. Ted Hefko..Distillations of the Blues..Onager
  29. Jackie Payne..I Saw the Blues..Blue Dot
  30. Debbie Davies..Love Spin..Vizztone..
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